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FAQ = a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

This FAQ has been written to extend the information available to users of Extensis Portfolio about this application. This is an unofficial FAQ and the views expressed about Portfolio are the author's personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of Extensis Product Group or and other vendor whose products may be referred to.

Portfolio is cross-platform with very few differences (in the app itself) between Windows & Mac. So, even if some articles are illustrated using one OS, the techniques should work for both unless stated otherwise. If you need to translate shortcuts from Mac to PC or vice versa, they are listed in Appendix A of the manual or here in the FAQ.

About the Author: I have been using Portfolio since v3 and used in production work from 4 using to create CD-based catalogue projects to share with colleagues in a Mac/Win mixed environment. I have been scripting Portfolio since v4, using VB5/6. Originally a Windows user I myself went cross-platform with OSX and have been AppleScripting the Mac client since v6.

The seed of the original FAQ was the information gleaned from regular visits to the original Extensis User-to-User forums (now gone) both through reading posts and helping fellow users. The FAQ now has its own user forums, since eclipsed by Extensis' re-introduced user forums.

Since 2000 I've been consulting independently - primarily on Portfolio solutions - at Shoantel Limited (my work 'hat') if you want to contact me about consulting support, please visit my Shoantel site. That said, the FAQ is free for all to use.

The information is drawn from various sources:

A few of the oldest images used on this site are taken from the Portfolio v5 Help file and are used with the express permission of the management of Extensis Products Group. All other Windows screen shots were taken with the excellent and recommended HyperSnap-DX tool; Mac screen shots are taken using Ambrosia software's neat Snapz Pro X tool.

The FAQ is created with MVP Steve Rindsberg's wonderful Friday, a FAQ-making tool that doesn't need a database, fast and light. Additional HTML coding is done in HTML-Kit, a very flexible text HTML editor (don't underestimate it because it is shareware - recommended!).

Extensis, the Extensis logo, Extensis Portfolio, Extensis Portfolio Server and NetPublish are registered trademarks of the Extensis Products Group. Macintosh is a registered trademark and Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Microsoft, Windows, and windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Power PC is a registered trademark of International Business Machines. Pentium is a trademark of Intel. All other trademarks are the property of the owners.

The opinions expressed in this FAQ are the author's. Your mileage, religious beliefs or sense of humour may vary (so don't blame me - you chose to read this).

For any Suits reading this far, OK - enough already! I know whatever I haven't explicitly mentioned may be yours but by referring to it I mean no damage to you nor wish to claim copyright over it. Now let's all lighten up and enjoy the FAQ. So please sit down so the other customers can see the screen properly. OK, quiet everybody, the main feature's starting...

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Last Update:- 21 January 2008

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