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To download Portfolio:
[Basic user registration is need to access these pages first time. From then on, access is controlled by cookies.] Go to Product Downloads.

You can download any Extensis products as a fully functioning 30-day demo. You will be asked for a name/email address in order to download demo installers. All other collateral such as manuals may be downloaded anonymously. After the 30-day period the application can only be run to insert your registration code or else it runs in Browser mode (= Reader level access only). Servers will run but not respond to client requests after 30 days, unless serialised. NetPublish requests to 1-IP-per-hour access after 30 days. Whether you register during or after the demo period you don't need to reinstall the application until it is updated by a patch or new version.

Upgrade info
Which page shows the improvements/new features for minor version? None! Unfortunately, Extensis take the view that this is privileged information (even for registered users!). In some cases the readme is beginning to become available and they are sometimes added to the Extensis KB. The view seems to be that you always need the update! The FAQ keeps a set of readmes online to help those loking for pre-download info. Bug fix info is sometimes included but is not comprehensive - reading the readme sadly can't be relied on as a safe guide as to whether a particular issue has been resolved. The latter is best asked directly of tech support.

How do you know which version you have? See the FAQ "How do I find what version number of Portfolio I am using?".

Minor point upgrades (e.g. v7.0 -> v7.04) are made from time to time and will normally be free to registered users. Extensis sends out a newsletter to registered users who sign up for it which includes notes on updates/upgrades when they occur; a newsletter is infrequent and I know of no 'priority' alert for changes as soon as they are released (there's certainly no release state RSS, or 'check for updates' menu option in the software). The Extensis official Windows/Mac FAQ should show the latest version available but are sometimes slow to update. You are best advised to check the Product Versions and Compatibility page at the Extensis site. This latter page has links both to product information pages and the download pages. Most information is in English although from v7+ all components install (US)English/French/German/Japanese, though note the actual licences are language specific. In v6 there was only one English language version - in US English.

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Last Update:- 21 January 2008

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