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General note: the layout of menu and program toolbars varies occasionally between the two OSs. Dialogs for both OS are only shown where the differences warrant comment or might cause confusion.

In the Windows OS, the main menus are found at the top of the Portfolio program window with the toolbar immediately beneath it. In Mac OS X the menu bar is in the main Apple menu bar fixed at the top of the screen (and shown when Portfolio has focus) whilst the toolbar is at the top of every gallery window.

Main Menu

The main menu looks like this:

The menu bar contains the following items (described at the linked-to location):


The toolbar has not changed greatly from v6's layout except the toolbar is now customisable. The first 3 buttons are for use with the current gallery:

The next three buttons are view selectors for Thumbnail, List or Record View.

Customise. A button to open the Gallery Customisation dialog.

Find. This button opens the Find dialog to allow the user to search for records. The little arrow button to the right of the Find button opens - Windows OS only - a drop-down list of the current Catalogue's saved Finds (if any).

Properties. This opens the Item Properties dialog for the selected Record(s). If more than one Record is selected, the Item Properties dialog allows the user to cycle through the Properties of each Record using the navigation control buttons on the dialog.

Preview. Calls the previews of the currently selected record(s). Disk (Item) Previews are called if these are present, otherwise the preview is generated directly from the original.

QuickFind drop-down and button. Enter a QuickFind term or select an existing term from the drop-down. Now hit the Enter key or click the QuickFind button and a QuickFind search will be executed using the term selected against the Fields set in the QuickFind section of the client Preferences.

The toolbar can be customised by choosing "Customise Toolbar" from the View menu or the toolbar's popup menu:

..which opens the toolbar customisation panel.

The functions are pretty self-explanatory, though the style varies between OSs. Mac is drag/drop and in Windows selections are moved from left column to right column

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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