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A number of file types which Portfolio can handle require QuickTime to produce the thumbnails, so you should ensure you keep your copy of QuickTime up to date. You only require the 'free' version though Portfolio will work with both the free and paid-for versions.

As of v4.0 QuickTime became a web-based install. If you have trouble installing this way, you may find the odd CD that has a full v4.x (or v5.x) installer on it. However, if you go this route remember you must either get updates online or keep searching out more up to date full installers.

If you are getting tiny thumbnails when adding Photoshop (PSD) files, this is a sign that you have a old or damaged copy of QuickTime and should upgrade. If you already have the latest version of QuickTime you are advised to update using the Custom update method, enabling the download of other features of QuickTime that are not normally downloaded with the typical install. Now, regenerate thumbnails by updating unconditionally, with extract thumbnail unchecked. This may solve the problem.

If you use a custom install of QuickTime on your computer you must include the 'still image' option as this used by Portfolio for creating thumbnails.

Note, any PSDs saved without optional inclusion of a composite image will have no thumbnail. Instead you get a little sign saying the file wasn't saved with a composite.

Question: QuickTime and Thumbnails [FAQ00023.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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