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The Metadata Properties Settings dialog is called from the Catalog menu. It has two main panels (Windows tabs), one for reading data into the catalogue - Extracting Metadata - and one for exporting data back to original images (for supported formats) - Embedding Metadata. The 'Edit Metadata List ..' button opens the Metadata List (shown further below. If you have Administrator access, the 'Custom Fields...' button will be active allowing you to add or edit custom fields with which to hold imported data.

Note that there is no control for append vs. replace for either import or export - or documentation of the defaults for this. Also there is no list of supported formats though this is restricted to JPG and (uncompressed) TIF from v7.0 and unchanged as at v8.5.1.

By all means experiment with default settings at start but if you are setting out to create an archive with consistent metadata you should start by ensuring:

Extracting Metadata

In the left column are shown all current Metadata List. In the right column are the fields assigned to receive the extracted data. A choice of 'none' implies no data for that metadata item.

Embedding Metadata

In the left column are shown all the catalogue fields from which you may export data (effectively most of them).In the right column are shown all current Metadata List items to which date will be exported. A choice of 'none' implies no data for that metadata item.

Metadata List dialog

This dialog, is the master list of metadata mappings available to the catalogue. The left column shows the 'screen' name and the right the formal tag number or string used to define the data (in files whose format supports such data). Portfolio sets up many of these for you so you don't need to worry about how you find out the codes. To add new items to the list use the 'New...' button or use the 'Edit...' button to alter existing items. Use the 'Delete' button to remove items entirely.

Edit Metadata dialog

This is called by clicking either the 'New...' or 'Edit...' button on the Metadata List dialog (shown above). In the top box you place the 'screen' name you'll use in the Metadata List. The second box holds the code or tag that identifies the code location in file types which support it. Older tags uses numbers, e.g. '632' is the tag # for 'IPTC - Caption' (you may need help translating the number formats needed). Newer XML-type metadata is identified by a description such as 'xap:Author' for 'XMP - Author'. You can add items from standard data sets such as IPTC or EXIF or even use your own custom data tags (assuming you have the latter already defined and in use). As soon as the add or edit is complete, the item is available to the Metadata List.

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