The default 'Untitled' Gallery vs. the 'Default' Gallery

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The default 'Untitled' Gallery

When you open a new Catalogue, it will open showing a - blank - default Gallery named 'Untitled'. If more than one such Gallery is created whilst the Catalogue is open, then subsequent Galleries get numbered sequentially, 'Untitled2', Untitled3', etc. In this context 'Untitled' is effectively 'Untitled1'.

If you don't go on to both save any Galleries and also specify at least one of them Galleries to open at Catalogue start up (Gallery's 'Saved Options'), then the next time you open the Catalogue it will show a default 'Untitled' Gallery again. The 'Untitled' Gallery's settings are:

You can customise any or all of the above except:

Unless your changes to settings are saved, as a named Gallery, they will be lost when you close the Gallery and/or Catalogue. Thus the default settings are re-used when you next open the Catalogue.

If you don't want to have any saved Galleries but don't like the default 'Untitled' Gallery's layout, you can customise it and use the 'Save as default' button:

This method will allow you to alter the view used by 'Untitled' Galleries but not, seemingly, the sort order - even if sort order criteria are set and saved by this method. All default 'Untitled' Galleries created in the Catalogue (but not other Catalogues) will now use these settings. There is currently no method to export your default settings to apply to other Catalogues. You can, however, restore the factory defaults to any Catalogue using the 'Restore Defaults' button on the 'Saved Options' tab.

If you have a large number of records, or clients with low spec PCs or are running a Catalogue file from PC, you really ought to consider having at least one saved Gallery as your start up Gallery to aid performance. Making you users watch the hourglass as Portfolio lists every possible record on screen before they can start work won't make you a popular administrator!

The 'Default' Gallery

The Version 4.x legacy of the saved 'Default' Gallery still persists. If you save a Gallery with the name Default (or default - case doesn't matter) your saved Gallery list will now have a Gallery called Default. Regardless of its Saved Options setting for 'Open at Startup', this Gallery will be opened at Catalogue start up.

This is a potential catch here. When you create the Default Gallery, if simply saved from a generic default Untitled Gallery it will show all the records in the Catalogue. However, in subsequent use the Default gallery will continue to display only those records that were listed when it was saved, whereas you might think it continues to show all records. The label "Showing x of x records" (seen below) that is displayed below the caption does give you a clue but this prompt is easily missed when in a hurry.

The solution to ensuring all records are shown is to use a saved Find. As shown below, create a Find which check for all records where the "filename" "exists" which will ensure all records in the Catalogue are found. In this screenshot the Find has already been saved as a Saved Find called 'Get All Records':

Now with the Default Gallery still active open the Customize Gallery dialog (Ctrl+W) and choose the 'Saved Options' tab. Now in the 'Find Gallery' frame, tick the 'Load Saved Find when Opened' option and from the drop down select 'Get All Records' (or whatever named you've used) from the list of Saved Finds.

Now, next time you open the Catalogue, the Default gallery will open automatically and call the Saved Find which ensures that all records are seen. Customise further as you require to get the layout and sort order you require.

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Last Update:- 01 June 2006

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