What are Custom Fields?

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Manual: v5 - pages 206-212, v6 - pages 72-77

Portfolio allows you to add to the build-in Fields by adding Custom Fields from one of six generic types:

All custom fields with the exception of Text Block and URL fields can be set to use predefined lists and/or multiple values.

Note that all custom fields except URL types are indexed. Text Blocks (as with built-in Text Blocks) are indexed at word level. This means that to search for a two-word phrase in a Text Block you must use two single word find criteria, and so on for longer phrases. Even then matches found may not contain the words in the desired order or even the words as a contiguous phrase. There is no workaround for this limitation.

Note that when copying records from one Catalogue to another, Custom Field data is transferred only if the receiving Catalogue has those same custom fields defined. In other words, you must set up all the required custom fields before importing data from another Catalogue.

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Last Update:- 03 October 2006

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