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As is shown in the list below, each successively higher access level inherits all the privileges of the levels below it. Administrator level has total access and control as well as the ability to set passwords for all access levels. The list shown is based on the last published list (v5 manual) and updated for some new functions added since that version.

If you need to know a password for a catalogue and are unsure who the Administrator is, choose Catalog > Catalog Properties, General tab and look for the option "Password set by:". The name shown is the user name of the person who set up the password(s).

Catalog Feature Reader Editor Publisher Administrator
Create a new catalog Y (Note 1) Y (Note 1) Y (Note 1) Y (Note 1)
View a catalog Y Y Y Y
Search catalog / search multiple Y Y Y Y
Preview items Y Y Y Y
Copy item source files Y Y Y Y
FolderSync (folder Explore/Reveal in Finder) Y Y Y Y
Categories (show Records in (sub-)category) Y Y Y Y
Categories (create on disk) Y Y Y Y
Delete items from Gallery (but not Catalog) Y Y Y Y
Open a new (blank) Gallery Y (v7 Note 2) Y (v7 Note 2) Y Y
Display Find results in a new Gallery (Note 3) (Note 3) (Note 3) (Note 3)
Use Find from 'Master' palettes Y Y Y Y
Customise Gallery's Views (but not save changes) Y Y Y Y
Run Slideshows Y Y Y Y
Use Portfolio Express palette Y Y Y Y
Assign keywords to items   Y Y Y
Create and edit thumbnail borders   Y Y Y
Edit keywords, descriptions and custom field values   Y Y Y
Use Find and Assign from 'Master' palettes (Keywords/[custom field name])   Y Y Y
Assign Presets   Y Y Y
Categories (Apply Records to / Remove Records from)   Y Y Y
Import field values   Y Y Y
Replace field values   Y Y Y
Digimarc watermarks (read/embed)   Y Y Y
Placeholder Records creation     Y (Note 4) Y
Add items to an existing catalog     Y Y
Create/Edit/Save Cataloging Options     Y Y
Create/Edit/Save Presets     Y Y
Set-up and use of Background Cataloguing     Y Y
Delete items from Catalog     Y Y
Delete or Rename an item's source file     Y Y
Export to HTML     Y Y
Export "pnot" data (Mac only)     Y Y
Export QuickTime movies     Y Y
Export text file     Y Y
Move item source files     Y Y
Set Slideshow options     Y Y
Save Galleries     Y Y
Save Gallery Customisations     Y Y
Save Finds     Y Y
Save/Edit Saved Views     Y Y
Update cataloged items     Y Y
FolderSync (add/delete root folders)     Y Y
FolderSync (OS rename sub-folders)     Y Y
FolderSync (OS copy/move sub-folders and contents)     Y Y
FolderSync (Sync)     Y Y
FolderSync (edit AutoSync options)     Y Y
Create webpages     Y Y
Edit webpage templates     Y Y
Publish catalogues via NetPublish (v7)     Y Y
Use Collect and Burn To Disc features     Y Y
Embed Properties     Y Y
Set new Paths     Y Y
Batch Convert images     Y Y
Batch Rename images     Y Y
Regenerate Thumbnails/Screen Previews     Y Y
Admin features below here require single-user catalogue access (don't forget - close Express palette) (Note 5).
Assign Passwords; Level-based/User-based Access       Y (Note 5)
Screen Preview use (on/off, set folder, set long side value)       Y (Note 5)
Master Keywords List creation/editing       Y (Note 5)
Set Startup Options       Y (Note 5)
Define Custom Fields (create, rename, delete)       Y (Note 6)
Custom field predefined list creation/editing       Y (Note 6)
Categories (create/delete/rearrange/export/import)       Y (Note 7)
Updating Portfolio v3.x, v4.x and v5.x Catalogues       Y


  1. It appears that a user at any level can initiate a new catalogue. By doing so, the user enters Admin mode - but only for the new catalogue. Thus user who normally only ever has Reader level access can create a whole new catalogue - not something the admin in a multi-seat scenario might wish to allow. However, a low level user can't create a catalogue to circumvent restrictions in the original catalogue as, for instance, the user can drag records from the new (Admin) catalogue, but can't drop them on the old (Reader) catalogue (but they can drag in the opposite direction). Only those with server admin passwords can create new server catalogues - so the risk is constrained to local h/d creation.
  2. When v7 made all new galleries saved-at-creation, they overlooked the fact that previously Reader/Editor level could create but not save galleries. In v7 Reader/Editor can't create new temporary galleries as they have no gallery save rights. This has been accepted by Extensis as an unintended oversight in the v6/v7 gallery changes. v8 introduced 'scratchpad' galleries which are functionally the same as older version's unsaved galleries.
  3. As of v7, Find results are always sent to the built-in Find Results gallery. To compare 2 finds, and if in Pub/Admin mode, you first create a new gallery and drag all the current Find Results into it. Now execute the second Find and tile the Find Results gallery with the gallery previously created, and compare. Reader/Editor cannot do this for the reasons at note 2 above. In v8, the option of using a new gallery for Find results returns with the option on the Find dialog to use a scratchpad gallery for Find results.
  4. Only v5 allows you to create Placeholder records in Editor mode. This was corrected to Publisher level and above in v6 and onwards.
  5. From v7, all these functions in the Catalog Administration dialog can be accessed from the existing user level by supplying the Admin password (if one is set) - this access does not require single user access, unlike previous versions; the user remains in their existing access level on completion of editing the Catalog Administration functions.
  6. From v7 Custom Fields are split off to their own dialog, opening which does require admin level & single user access.
  7. Set-up and alteration of Categories can only be done at Administrator level.
  8. Digimarc support was dropped from v7 onwards (too few active users to make continued support worth the development effort).
  9. Import of Cumulus Catalogues. Direct import ceased circa Portfolio v5. Consult Extensis tech support is you need to migrate Cumulus data to Portfolio.

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Last Update:- 10 June 2008

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