Error codes for the VB automation TLB

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When an operation fails, Document.LastError is set to the custom error code. For successful calls the LastError value will be zero.

Thus while most functions themselves return a success/failure flag, interrogation of LastError will (may) indicate the actual cause, e.g. that you are trying to open as admin a catalogue that is already open in admin (noting admin needs single user unique access).

In simple terms, if the method's success flag is true, proceed as intended; if false, get the LastError value and take according action through an error handler.

KScriptNoError 0 No Error (Success)
KScriptBadPassword 1 Incorrect/Invalid Password
KScriptCatInUse 2 Catalogue is currently in use and therefore cannot be opened in this mode. This error code is not actually used in the client's code and therefore should not be encountered.
KScriptAdminCatInUse 3 Attempting to open a Catalogue in Admin mode whilst there are other users
KScriptAdminInUse 4 Someone else is already logged in as Admin
KScriptReadOnlyAvailable 5 Catalogue is only available in read-only mode i.e. on a read-only volume
KScriptServedAdminError 6 Opening a served Catalogue in Admin (or Browser) mode
KScriptUnknownCatError 7 Unknown error trying to open Catalogue
KScriptInvalidMode 8 Invalid mode
KScriptNoFileName 9 No Filename
KScriptDiskFull 10 Disk full
KScriptErrorCreate 11 Error creating Catalogue
kScriptInvalidFieldname 12 Invalid Field name
kScriptFieldNotIndex 13 Field isn't indexed
kScriptFieldNotMultiVal 14 Field isn't multivalue
kScriptIndexOutOfRange 15 Index out of range
kScriptEmptyValue 16 Empty value
kScriptInvalidValueforFieldType 17 Value is invalid for given Field type
kScriptValueNotInPredefList 18 Value is not in pre-defined list
kScriptCatalogNotFound 19 Catalogue could not be found
kScriptServerNotFound 20 Server could not be found
kScriptMaxServerConnected 21 Maximum allowed number server connections reached (someone must log off)
kScriptInvalidFieldValue1 22 Invalid FieldValue Field 1
kScriptInvalidFieldValue2 23 Invalid FieldValue Field 2
kScriptInvalidGallery 24 Invalid Gallery
kScriptInvalidQuery 25 Invalid Query (Find) specification
kScriptSystemField 26 Can't change system (built-in) Field
kScriptGalleryNotFound 27 Gallery Not Found
kScriptFieldNotPredefined 28 Field Not of pre-defined Type
kScriptInvalidCatalogOption 29 Invalid Cataloguing option
kScriptInvalidHTMLSetName 30 Invalid HTML saved set name
kScriptCreatingHTMLImagesDir 31 Error Creating HTML Images Directory
kScriptCreatingHTMLFile 32 Error Creating HTML File
kScriptWritingHTMLFile 33 Error writing to HTML file
kScriptOutOfMemory 34 Out of memory
kScriptCopyError 35 Copy error (GalleryCopy)
kScriptServerDisconnect 36 Server disconnected
kScriptInvalidForFoundItems 37 Can't perform on "found items" gallery
kScriptInvalidLoginMode 38 Attempting to open user-based catalogue with level-based API
kScriptUnknownError 1000 Unknown Error opening/creating catalogue

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Last Update:- 01 June 2006

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