Why use multiple Catalogues?

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There are many different reasons. Here are a few in no particular order.

Security. This would depend on the level of security you are looking to achieve. Creating multiple Catalogues will allow you to control who has access to a specific Catalogue and you would have more flexibility to password protect through your web server.

Different projects or clients. Say you need to catalogue images for two completely unconnected projects/clients - you might put each one's assets into its own catalogue.

Scale. One catalogue might be great for a few hundred images split between a couple of customers/user groups. What about 500k+ images for each customer?

Workflow. Another idea for having separate catalogues is that one may be 'work in progress while the other is 'finished' and ready to go! As you've entered custom field data, keywords etc you can very easily move items between catalogues. this becomes increasingly important if you want to better manage the publishing of your database to others.

Using Catalogues on CD. Being able to have multiple catalogues plays an important part of the process should you want to burn a CD with Portfolio Browser or go on to use PortWeb. Using CDs you'll need to change paths to original files which you'll want to do with a copy of your source Catalogue.

There are plenty of other reasons.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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