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Changes from Portfolio v5 to Portfolio v6

What's changed in Portfolio v6? This article is designed to guide users who are familiar with Portfolio v5.x through the various feature enhancements and modifications that have been introduced in Portfolio v6.

(NOTE: Features completely new to Portfolio are not covered in this article, which focuses only on existing features that have been modified, moved or renamed. For a list of Portfolio's new features, see page 2 of the Portfolio 6 User Guide.)

Menu commands
In Portfolio 5 In Portfolio 6
File > Export > HTML Item > Create Web Pages

This feature has been enhanced with new ready-to-use templates, a Preview button to preview the first page of an export in a web browser, and options for copying original files during export and linking these to the web page thumbnails.
File > Export > QuickTime Movie Item > Create QuickTime Movie
File > Import > Cumulus Database Removed - however, you can export Cumulus data as text and then import directly into Portfolio 6 to preserve existing data.
File > Recover Catalog > Recover
File > Open Catalog on Startup Catalog > Open on Startup
View > by Cataloged
       > by Filename, etc...
Replaced by new Sort menu in upper right corner of gallery window.
Catalog > Find Placeholder Records Catalog > Find Other > Placeholder Items
Catalog > Find Document Text Catalog > Find Other > Document Text
Catalog > Replace Item > Edit Field Values

Instead of using Find and Replace, you now select a set of records using Find (or any other method) and then replace specific field values using the Edit Field Values command. This allows you to search and replace information in virtually any editable field using the full power of the Portfolio search engine and with a wider choice of replacement "actions" (such as Append, Remove, Delete, Delete All, etc...).
Catalog > Update Items Item > Update Items
Catalog > Delete Items Item > Delete
Catalog > Properties Catalog > Catalog Properties
Catalog > Cataloging Options Catalog > Advanced Options

The Cataloging Options of Portfolio 5 are now a part of the Advanced Options in Portfolio 6.
Catalog > Missing Files Catalog > Find Other > Missing Originals
Catalog > Slideshow View > Slideshow
Catalog > Slideshow Options View > Slideshow Options
Item > Item Properties Item > Get Info/Properties
Item > Edit Original
Item > Copy Original
Item > Move Original, etc...
Item > Original > Edit
Item > Original > Copy
Item > Original > Move, etc...

All operations performed on an original file (and not just the thumbnail or record) have been moved to the Original submenu.
Item > Create Placeholder Record Catalog > Create Placeholder
Item > Zoom In
Item > Zoom Out
Item > Actual Size
Item > Fit to Window
Item > Switch to Original Image
These commands are all available within the Preview window itself, either as buttons or from the contextual pop-up menu that appears when you right-click (or Control-click) a preview image.
Window > New Gallery Gallery > New
Window > List Galleries Gallery > List
Window > Save Gallery/Save Gallery As Gallery > Save/Save As
Window > Show Sorting Replaced by new Sort menu in upper right corner of gallery window. The name of the field used to sort the current gallery appears in the menu, in the upper right corner of the gallery window.
General panel: Show Options Dialog on Add/Update Cataloging panel: Do Not Prompt for Cataloging Options

Additional options have been added to this preference. You can optionally have Portfolio rename, copy files, and add field values during cataloguing, even when the "Do Not Prompt..." checkbox is turned on - or restrict Portfolio from performing these tasks unless the Cataloging Options window is displayed first.
General panel: Display Welcome Dialog Cataloging panel: Show Welcome Dialog at Startup
General panel: QuickFind Opens New Gallery Same option now located in the QuickFind panel of Preferences.
General panel: Prompt on Untitled Close General panel: Prompt to Save Untitled Galleries
Connect to Server
These buttons are no longer on the Toolbar, but the same commands can be accessed from the File and Help menus, and with keyboard shortcuts.
QuickFind search field Still in the Toolbar, but with different functionality. In version 5, the QuickFind field searched only the Keywords field. In Portfolio 6, the QuickFind field searches the Filename, Keywords and Description fields by default, and can be customized to search any other fields as well in the QuickFind Preferences window. QuickFind operates a "...contains..." search against the fields selected for the word or string typed in the toolbar's QuickFind box. In v6 customised QuickFind settings are applied to, and stored in, the catalogue and thus apply to all users. As a result the tab only shows in the Preferences dialog when a catalogue is open. Thus each catalogue must be customised separately if non-default use of v6 QuickFind is desired.
Find/Saved Finds These two buttons have been combined into one. Clicking the Find button opens the Find window. Holding down the mouse button when clicking pops up the Saved Finds menu (if there are saved finds available).
Customize View This button is no longer on the Toolbar. Choose View > Customize or Gallery > Customize View or use the keyboard shortcuts (Mac+D on Mac; Control+D on Windows).
Add/Update Methods
Cataloging Options > Modify Method:
Add & Update
Add Unconditionally
Update Unconditionally
It's no longer necessary for you to choose a modify method such as "Update" or "Update Unconditionally."

When you drag items into a Portfolio 6 catalogue, the following logic is automatically used to determine whether the item will be added (as a new item) or updated (as an existing item):

• If a file has a filename that does not match any catalogued items, Portfolio considers it new and catalogues it.

• If a file has a filename that matches an existing item, but has a unique location (path), Portfolio also considers it new and catalogues it.

• If a file's name and location both match, Portfolio recognizes it as an item that has already been catalogued. It then looks at the file's modification date. Items with matching modification dates are ignored (because they're identical to the items already in the catalogue). Files with different modification dates are updated.

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Last Update:- 02 June 2006

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