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The main menus are found at the top of the Portfolio program window with toolbar beneath it. The main menu and toolbar look like this:

Clicking any of the main menu entries will open a further menu:

Note that the Scripts menu is hidden when no catalogue is open.

The toolbar has changed for v5's layout. The first 3 buttons are for use with the v6 File Sync feature:

The next three buttons are view selectors for Thumbnail, List or Record View.

The Find button opens the Find dialog to allow the user to search for records. The arrow button next to the Find button opens a drop-down list of the current Catalogue's saved Finds (if any).

Properties. This opens the Item Properties dialog for the selected Record(s). If more than one Record is selected, the Item Properties dialog allows the user to cycle through the Properties of each Record using the navigation control buttons on the dialog.

Email. Assuming the user's computer's email is correctly configured, clicking this button creates a blank email with the selected Record(s) already attached - ready to send via email.

Collect. Clicking this calls the new v6 Collect feature which allows the user to archive records easily to CD, including creating an archive Catalogue and adding a copy of the Portfolio Browser. Use of the Collect feature is described in more detail here.

QuickFind drop-down and button. Enter a QuickFind term or select an existing term from the drop-down. Now hit the Enter key or click the QuickFind button and a QuickFind search will be executed using the term selected against the Fields set in the QuickFind section of the client Preferences.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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