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This dialog is called from the Item menu. When invoked the dialog acts as a common dialog for viewing - one at a time - the properties of all currently selected Records. As such, it can be useful way of reviewing files requiring data editing. It has a common set of Navigation buttons and 3 information related tabs:

Navigation buttons

See screen grabs below for button locations. If more than one Record was selected when the dialog opens then the First/Previous/Next/Last buttons are active. Clicking the First/Last buttons moves to the first or last Record in the selection. Clicking the Previous/Next buttons index the item display by 1 Record in the chosen direction. Buttons grey out automatically at the ends of the selection. Keys may substitute for mouse clicks. Cmd/Ctrl+left arrow or Ctrl+Page Up will simulate clicking the 'Previous' button and Cmd/Ctrl+right arrow or Ctrl+Page Down clicking the 'Next' button. There is no Windows key simulation for the 'First' and 'Last' buttons, Mac uses Cmd+up arrow and Cmd+down arrow.

The Revert button applies to all tabs of current record and becomes active when an edit has occurred on any/all of the 3 data tabs. Clicking 'Revert' will undo all those edits. Edits are committed and can't be reverted once another item is selected.

The Done key closes the dialog. If focus is not in an edit field, pressing the Enter key will also close the dialog.

General Tab

Name. This displays the original filename and allows the name (and extension) to be changed both in the Record and for the original file.

Description. This displays the Record's 'Description' Field data. As well as viewing the data, it can be edited.

Location. This displays the 'Directory Path' Field data. The data can be copied but not be edited.

Dates. The left column shows the original file's Modification and Creation dates. The right column shows the date the Catalogue Record was Created and last Updated. None of these Fields can be edited although the information can be copied.

File Size. This displays the 'File Size' Field data. The data can be copied but not be edited.

File Type. This displays the 'Extension Win' Field data. The data can be copied but not be edited.

Keywords tab

This tab offers exactly the same functionality as is described for the Edit Keywords dialog.

Fields tab

This list all Custom Fields. Select a Field and click edit to alter the data value. Depending on the type and properties of the Field the Edit dialog will vary. Simple single-value Fields will have a text box for editing:

...whilst those fields with predefined lists a text box with a drop-down with the list contents. A multi-value (MV) Field will have an edit box similar to that of the Keywords tab described above. A Field that is both MV and has a pre-defined list will have a drop-down in the input areas of the MV edit dialog:

A URL field has this form of dialog:

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Last Update:- 01 June 2006

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