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This dialog is called from the Item menu. The export applies to all currently selected Records. You should also read the manual pages 104-107

Use Current View Settings. This uses the current view layout as a template for exporting data. Note that thumbnail borders and the pixel spacing used in the Thumbnail view are ignored.

Add button. This opens the code for the current view in the Edit HTML dialog (below) for further editing or saving as a template.

Copy Original and Link to Thumbnail. When HTML pages are exported, the Record's original files are copied to an 'Images' sub-folder in the folder where the HTML pages are created.

Use Template. You must then select a previously saved HTML template from the listbox below the radio button.

With a template selected:

Export button. Exports data from the currently selected Record(s) using the code/template specified.

Preview button. Previews the first HTML page of data from the currently selected Record(s), using the code/template specified, in the user's default Web Browser.

Close button. Closes the dialog without generating exported code, e.g. when saving/modifying templates.

Edit HTML dialog:
Use of this dialog requires knowledge of HTML which is beyond the remit of the FAQ. Read the manual pages 107-108 and 111-112.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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