Extracting Metadata from files - changes from v5 to v6

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For the purposes of this FAQ, the term metadata refers to descriptive, non-image data embedded in a file. Common examples are IPTC field information entered using Adobe Photoshop's File Info feature or EXIF information which usually contains detail about camera settings at time of exposure for images captured using digital cameras.

This FAQ assumes you are familiar with handling metadata in previous versions of Portfolio and describes how the procedure has changed in v6.

Among the more revolutionary changes to Portfolio v6.x are changes to the process of extracting embedded information (metadata) from files while adding or updating records. The main changes revolve around the restructuring of v5's Advanced Cataloging Options.

Version 5.x
What was 'built in'? Portfolio v5.x contained built-in tag mappings to extract IPTC data from all the fields in Photoshop's File Info feature as well as some TIFF tags.

Metadata Extraction Options:
In version 5.x, options for extraction of metadata were set through the Catalog -> Cataloging Options dialog. This dialog box contained separate settings, accessible through tabs, for Add and Update Operations enabling users to discriminate between what are often two different and distinct aspects of Portfolio workflow. Options available in each tab were:

Version 6.x
What is 'built in'? Portfolio v6.0 now contains built-in tags to extract some types of EXIF data contained in digital camera files. Otherwise, no change.

Metadata Extract Options:
In version 6.x, these options are now found under the Catalog -> Advanced Cataloging Options item but their behaviour has changed and options are limited. The most noticeable change is that there are no longer separate sets of options for when adding and when updating. So, how does metadata extraction work now?

[Thanks to L M Galbraith for the testing behind this article]

Question: Extracting Metadata from files - changes from v5 to v6 [FAQ00305.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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