Discrepancies between VB and AppleScript automation

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This article lists a number of discrepancies between the capabilities of the AppleScript and Visual Basic automation interfaces for Portfolio. The list is not cut and dried - depending on your expertise there are work-arounds for some of the differences. However, the table below does indicate some of the problems you will encounter when trying to replicate performance on both OSs. This list was compiled using the v6.02 Win clients and the v6.01/v6.1 Mac/OS-X clients (the OS-X AS dictionary appears not to differ from Mac v6.01).

Function Win Mac Notes
Open - in Browser Mode No    
Document - modified No   1
Document Close - ask before saving No   2
Data Size - size of object No   3
Gallery - New Gallery No    
Application - Version No   4
Catalog - Show Options No   5
Export HTML - Export Template   No  
Import HTML - Import Template   No  
Import Text File No    
Export Text File No    
Find All No   6
Serve Catalog No    
Serve SQL Catalog No    
Unserve Catalog No    
Cataloging Options - Add Custom Field data   No  
Cataloging Options - Copy/Move controls   No  
Cataloging Options - Rename controls   No  
Cataloging Options - Video Thumbnail by No    
Cataloging Options - Video Thumbnail value No    
Cataloging Options - Path Categories No    
Cataloging Options - Digimarc detection No    
Cataloging Options - Index document text No    
Cataloging Options - Exclude document text No    
Gallery - Total Record Count   No  
Gallery View (i.e. which view is shown) No   7
Record (Field) - Return thumbnail (as PICT) No    
Record (Field) - Custom thumbnail   No  
Document - Last Error   No  
RefreshView   No  
ArchiveCatalog   No  
Create Custom Field (Single/(Multivalue)   No  
Create Custom Field (with Predefined List)   No  
Create Field Map   No  
Disable Field Map   No  
Enable Field Map   No  
Record - Regenerate thumbnail   No  
Field - IsMV   No  
Field - IsIndexed   No  
Field - IsPredefined   No  
Field - IsURL   No  
Field - Type   No  
Field - DeleteMVData   No  
Field - GetMVData   No  
Field - GetPredefinedData   No  
Field - GetPredefinedDataCount   No  
Field - GetPredefinedValueList   No  
Functions Not Available via Scripting Notes
Opening an existing saved (i.e. named) Gallery  
Controlling visual appearance of called Galleries on opening  
Applying Saved View to a called Gallery  
Loading/exporting Saved Views  
Access to View customisation on-the-fly  


  1. Document - modified, i.e. a 'dirty' flag. Windows users can iterate through all open Galleries and parse Gallery names for trailing asterisk.
  2. Document - ask before saving. Mac users can do this via the Core Suite - Quit or Close. In Windows, a Gallery close operation overrides save dialogs.
  3. Data size - size of object. Windows users could ascertain FDB size via VB/API calls.
  4. Application - Version. Windows users could query the EXE via VB/API calls.
  5. Catalog - Show Options. Windows must set this option manually.
  6. Windows can use a Find of "Filename & Exists" to get All records. If the count of all records is needed use Gallery.TotalRecordsInCatalog.
  7. Windows - this can only be set in a Saved Gallery or in the Catalogue default layout.

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Last Update:- 01 June 2006

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