Passing Saved Views between Catalogues

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Saved Views (PVW files) can be used to import/export 'saved views' of Galleries. These files hold the Gallery's customisations except for the information on the Saved Options tab, but only for their host OS. In order for view settings for both OSs to be captured, the customisations must be set via the Catalogue running on each OS in turn before the PVW file is (re-)saved.

Due to OS limitations, font settings are not compatible cross-platform. Colour settings for fonts/backgrounds may vary across platforms and individual computers due to users' colour settings. Older client versions my encounter this bug as well.

By default, PVW files are saved in the 'Saved Views' folder of the Portfolio application folder. As a side note, all the Saved View files in the folder are incorporated into any new catalogues built by the client. If, for example, you want new catalogues to have a single saved option of a saved house style, then create this file and remove all the others from the folder. On Windows, it is sufficient to move the unwanted files into a sub-folder of the "Saved Views" folder and they'll be ignored. In Mac (OSX; OS9 not tested) sub-folders are read so delete unwanted files or move them elsewhere.

Going Mac to Windows. Check the file passed has a ".PVW" extension - if not, add it.

Going Windows to Mac. You will need to set type to "PVW" and Creator to "Fetch". Even if the file has a ".PVW" filename extension the Mac OSX client still ignores it and needs the legacy type/creator strings to be set as you do for the OS9 client.

Question: Passing Saved Views between Catalogues [FAQ00321.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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