NP ports and OS X Server v10.5+

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From OS X Leopard Server (v10.5), Apple added wiki services to the Servers. In some configurations (the simpler ones) these serives are turned on by default and can't easily be re-configured. This poses a problem as they use post #8086 which is NetPublish's default port for admin calls. The conflict will cause NP not to run and/or to not be administered from clients. As the wiki service can't easily be re-configured and if it can't simply be turned off and left off, the simplest solution is to change ports for NP admin. There are several steps...

First, stop NP if it is running. Open the '' file in the /webRoot/app/ folder of the NP app. It is a UTF-8 plain text file and should be opened in a text editor (not a word processor). Find the line

general.adminPort = 8086

Edit '8086' to '8186' and save the file. In all Portfolioclients where you've set up NP servers in the NetPublish Administration dialog you will need to edit the server info in the 'IP Address' field by adding the port address to the IP number or domain name. Thus for an NP server at IP you would amend the entry to, i.e. adding a colon and then the new port number. Thus:

In sumary, the port number must always be added as a suffix if the port number is changed from the app default. Note: this requirement applies to altering both NP's Admin and Publishing ports and to Portfolio Server's listener ports.

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Question: NP ports and OS X Server v10.5+ [FAQ00407.htm]
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