Extensis Portfolio 8.5 for Macintosh
Version 8.5.1a
Release Notes
January 2008

Thank you for purchasing Extensis Portfolio 8.5! Portfolio puts your files at your fingertips. With lightning fast access to all of your files, no matter where they live, you will never waste time hunting for an important file. Portfolio makes it easy to organize your files into catalogs that can be shared across your workgroup or be extended to the web making distribution a breeze.

Extensis Portfolio 8.5

Installation notes
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X (10.4.4 or higher)
  • 1GHz or faster G4, G5 or Intel Core processor(s)
  • 256MB of available RAM
  • 500MB of available hard disk space (additional space may be required for database and asset storage)
  • QuickTime 7 or higher
  • 1024 x 768 or larger display
  • Network interface for Server and NetPublish connection
  • Web browser
  • Adobe Reader 5 or higher
  • Microsoft Office X (10.1.9 only) for text indexing and thumbnailing of Office file types. Systems that are not used to catalog Office files can still view and search Office files even if Office X is not installed
Installing Portfolio
To install Portfolio, double click the installer icon and allow the installer to guide you.

Files are installed to the directory chosen during installation. The default install location is:
 <system Applications folder>/Extensis Portfolio 8.5

The following files are installed in addition to those found in the Portfolio application folder.
/Library/Application Support/Extensis/Portfolio/...
/Library/Contextual Menu Items/PortfolioCM.plugin/...

What's new in Portfolio 8.5.1

Leopard Compatibility

Portfolio is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Save Catalog Types

Portfolio can now save custom Catalog Types, using the current catalog's settings.

Improved XMP metadata support

Portfolio has been updated to use the Adobe® XMP Toolkit v4.1.1, offering improvements for both extracting and embedding XMP metadata.

Collect for Output improvements

When collecting files for output, Portfolio checks for any missing original files before collecting the files. If there are any missing files, Portfolio only warns you once before proceeding. At the end of the collection process, any missing files are displayed in a scratchpad gallery so that you are able to locate the original files.

Support for new digital camera Raw formats

The newly supported camera Raw formats include:

  • Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Canon PowerShot G9
  • Nikon D3
  • Nikon D300
  • Olympus E-3
  • Sony DSLR-A700

What's new in Portfolio 8.5

Catalog types

When creating a new catalog, Portfolio now allows you to configure a catalog from a number of preconfigured settings.

Default field values

When adding new items to a catalog, you can now determine that if no other value is chosen or extracted, specific fields will always start with a default setting.

Presets Palette

This palette allows you to assign a number of properties simply by clicking assign or dragging a preset onto the item. This includes mass updating keywords, description and custom field values.

Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility

Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CS3 file format compatibility

Improved EPS and PDF file-format support

Support for new digital camera Raw formats

The newly supported camera Raw formats include:
  1. Canon 1D Mark III
  2. Nikon D40x
  3. Olympus E-410
  4. Olympus E-510
  5. Olympus SP550Uz
  6. Fuji S5 Pro
  7. Panasonic Fz8

Fixed issues
The following reported problems have been fixed for this release of Portfolio. The list is intended to cite the most serious fixes known. It is not an exhaustive list of all fixed problems.

Fixed in Portfolio 8.5.1a

ID Description
32225 Fixed an issue with Portfolio 8.5.1 on Mac OS X with external or network drives that caused Portfolio to inappropriately delete files if the Move option was used during the cataloging process. 

Fixed in Portfolio 8.5.1

ID Description
A The Collect feature was updated to provide a more clean and consistent workflow with fewer prompts for missing items. Missing originals are now added to a new ScratchPad gallery, so they can be reviewed.
20560 Fixed an issue on Mac OS X, where Portfolio would not extract XMP metadata from certain EPS files.
24759 Fixed an issue where a Reader or Editor level user attempting to delete a Scratchpad Gallery would cause a dialog to erroneously appear that asks if they want to delete the gallery.
15192 The Create Web Pages command can use Portfolio preview files as a source for a website. This command now properly displays the Portfolio preview files as JPG files, when previously they were erroneously displayed with the source file extension.
31347 Fixed a Collect for Output issue where when collecting files, skipping a file that had a missing original would skip all other missing originals on the same volume.
30217 Custom view is not applied to gallery when collection is performed in a served catalog (fdb or sql).
30392 The batch conversion process was modified so that XMP metadata is retained during the conversion process.
30860 Fixed a file linking issue that caused the file paths to not link properly when burning original files to disk and linking the paths in the catalog to the files burned to disc.
30883 Fixed an issue that caused Portfolio to close unexpectedly when cataloging files with embedded keywords and the 'Allow Only Keywords from the Master Keyword List' option enabled.
30885 Portfolio can now batch convert TIFF files that use JPEG compression.
30914 Edit Users button for User-Based Access (under Passwords in Catalog Administration) is totally non-functional in the Mac Japanese build
30972 Updated the bug reporter so that the accurate version of Portfolio is reported back to Extensis during any incident.
30979 Fixed a connectivity issue that prevented Mac clients from connecting to Portfolio served catalogs across the internet.
30999 Fixed and issue that caused images to not be cataloged if the image needed to be rotated.
31001 Fixed an issue with case-sensitivity that allowed duplicate master keywords to be entered.
31002 Fixed an issue with images that had been automatically rotated in-camera that caused Portfolio to close unexpectedly.
31108 Fixed an issue where Portfolio was unable to open catalogs directly from CD.
31211 Fixed an issue in the French and German versions of Portfolio that caused master keyword entry to be disabled.
31221 Fixed a date display issue that caused Portfolio to erroneously display a two digit year when a four digit year was requested.
31263 Fixed an issue  that caused keywords to be erroneously created when adding custom multi-value fields through the Edit Field Values dialog box.
31270 Portfolio can now catalog and create previews of TIFF files saved in LAB Color format.
31347 When Portfolio encounters a missing item when collecting images, clicking Cancel skips only that image and continues with the collection process.
31384 Stability improvements were made to the Item Properties dialog box. 
31524 When extracting properties from a file, Portfolio will now correctly replace any existing metadata for that item.
31651 When emailing a preview from Portfolio, the preview filename now matches the original filename.
31737 Fixed some gallery display issues in the Japanese version of Portfolio.
31759 Portfolio can now extract IPTC metadata from files saved from Photoshop 7.0.
31787 Fixed an issue when collecting files that caused Portfolio to collect the same file multiple times when files with identical names existed in the hierarchy of files to be collected.

Fixed in Portfolio 8.5

ID Description
A Addressed various issues relating to the extraction of XMP and IPTC metadata.
B Fixed an issue where Portfolio was not able to fully-catalog certain EPS and PDF documents on Windows. The files were labeled as partially-cataloged and no thumbnail or preview were generated.
C Addressed various user interface issues. This includes the scrolling behavior, states and positions for buttons and other elements.
5716 Fixed an issue where when copying an item from one catalog to another you would not result in a preview file being generated in the destination catalog.
The volume name when burning a disc with Portfolio can now be longer than 16 characters.
13291 Addressed an issue that caused the Server Administration dialog box to be disabled when returning from Serialize or Serve Catalog dialog boxes. 
25065 Addressed an issue that caused NetPublish to close unexpectedly when clicking Publish without a NetPublish template selected.
Portfolio can now catalog 32-bit TIFF files.
26790 Fixed an issue that caused Portfolio to close unexpectedly when moving subfolders from one AutoSync folder to another.
Fixed an issue that caused the Portfolio client to close unexpectedly when renaming custom fields in a served catalog.
28818 Fixed an issue that caused the Portfolio Mac client to stop responding if  the catalog that the client had open was closed because the associated Portfolio Server was stopped.
Portfolio can now preview .MEF camera Raw files.
29669 Fixed an issue that caused Portfolio to close unexpectedly on some systems after burning a disc.

Known issues
The following issues are known, but have not yet been addressed in this version of Portfolio. The list is intended to cite the most serious problems known. It is not an exhaustive list of all known problems.

ID Description
A Removed support for Adobe Illustrator 8 and older .AI files on Mac. Illustrator 8 files will show thumbnails but will not preview, while Illustrator 7 & older files are no longer readable by Portfolio.
B The following Kodak Raw file types are no longer supported under Intel-based systems:  720x, 760c, 760m, ProBack, ProBack Plus, 645c, 645h, 645m. These cameras are still supported in PowerPC-based systems. 
C Portfolio cannot generate thumbnails and previews for SWF files if the user's system has QuickTime version 7.3 or higher or installed.
15973 To ensure that the proper century is being recorded in Portfolio set the standard Macintosh Short date format to use four digits. To do so, open the System Preferences dialog box and choose the International panel. From the Formats tab, in the Dates area click the Customize button. From the Show drop-down menu choose Short. Click the year and choose the four-digit year from the menu. Click OK and close the System Preferences dialog box. 
16231 In order for dates to be properly recognized, dates must be entered with United States standard date format of  MM/DD/YYYY. In addition, the Gregorian calendar is the only calendar currently recognized by Portfolio.
20307 Smart Galleries will be empty when they are collected if they were created from disk folders. This behavior is correct although potentially confusing to new users.
20553 If you delete an item from within a Slide Show that resides in a local FolderSync folder, Portfolio does not show the folder as out of sync in the Disk Folder pane.
20721 FolderSync will continuously attempt to add items to the catalog that cannot be thumbnailed if the options, "Continuously Watch" and "When to Sync" are set to "When changes are found" and the advanced cataloging option, "Ignore files without thumbnails" is chosen.
21202 If a FolderSync folder was hidden during the time that you set it to sync, the folder will remain out of sync. To get the folder back in sync, click the Sync button.
22764 If you move a Disk Folder and then try to view its subfolder, Portfolio will unexpectedly close.
22782 In the Metadata Properties Settings dialog, you cannot choose the Description item from the Catalog Field Pane popup menu.
22879 If you delete a gallery while cataloging is in progress, Portfolio may unexpectedly close. To complete the cataloging process, choose to either regenerate or update the catalog.
23313 EPS files that are CMYK images are almost always recognized by Portfolio as RGB images.
24055 If you want to preview MPEG-2 files within Portfolio, you must purchase and install the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component.
24442 A Macintosh Portfolio client will not recognize a Saved Gallery's custom sort settings that were created by a Windows client, but only if it is the first Saved Gallery that was created by a Windows client.
24459 The custom sort order for an AutoSync Disk Folder is not retained if you use the Folders pane to either move or copy the folder into another folder or subfolder that are located on the same disk drive.
24675 When you copy a Saved Gallery on the Macintosh, the gallery will retain all of the access settings of the original gallery.
24911 If a gallery already has a custom sort order, you cannot replace that sort order with another custom one.
24976 Some preexisting field settings are changed after you change the name of a Custom Field. In this case, the QuickFind preference, Gallery Sort setting, and Slideshow Display Field setting become unchecked, the Gallery Sort setting reverts to Unsorted, and the Cataloging Fields metadata option loses its field assignment.
24989 Cataloging large files that have long filenames may not be successful. These files will appear in the All Items gallery and a red dot will appear on the thumbnails. To catalog these files, significantly reduce the length of the filename.
25005 Once a custom sort is applied to an AutoSync folder, you cannot apply another custom sort to it. When you reopen the catalog, the original custom sort is applied to the AutoSync folder.
30206 Due to an issue in QuickTime, preview files for 32 bit RGB PSD files are not properly generated.
30378 When embedding metadata into the "XMP - Marked" field, the only valid variables are 0,1,True and False. Using any other variable will cause Adobe Photoshop to display an error when opening the file.

Contacting Extensis
To reach us for technical support or general questions please use the following method:
Web/email:  http://www.extensis.com/support/

If you have an annual service agreement, you are entitled to priority support. Please use the contact information on your service agreement.

For customer service please use one of the following methods:
Web/email: http://www.extensis.com/customerservice/
Phone: (800)796-9798

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