Extensis Portfolio 8.1
Portfolio 8.1.1 (Mac OS X)
Portfolio 8.1.1 (Windows)
Release Notes
November 2006

Thank you for purchasing Extensis Portfolio! Portfolio 8 puts your files at your fingertips. With lightning fast access to all of your files, no matter where they live, you will never waste time hunting for an important file. Portfolio 8 makes it easy to organize your files into catalogs that can be shared across your workgroup or be extended to the web making distribution a breeze.

Extensis Portfolio 8

Installation notes
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or Professional
  • Pentium processor (1 GHz or faster recommended)
  • XGA or higher to display millions of colors
  • 256MB of physical RAM (512 recommended)
  • 200MB of free hard disk space
  • Network interface for server connection
  • Quicktime 6.5 or higher
  • Web browser with Macromedia Flash 7 or higher plug-in installed
  • Mac OS X (10.4.4 or higher)
  • 1Ghz or faster G4, G5 or Intel Core processor(s)
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 500MB of free hard disk space
  • Quicktime 7 or higher
  • Web browser with Macromedia Flash 7 or higher plug-in installed
Installing Portfolio 8
To install Portfolio, double click the installer icon and allow the installer to guide you.

Files are installed to the directory chosen during installation. The default install locations are:
  Windows - <system disk>:\Program Files\Extensis\Portfolio 8.
  Mac - <system Applications folder>/Extensis Portfolio 8.

The following files are installed in addition to those found in the Portfolio application folder.
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Extensis\Portfolio 8\Netpublish\...
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Extensis\Portfolio 8\...
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Portfolio Express
\Windows\System32\msxml3.dll     (if missing)
\Windows\System32\msxml3r.dll     (if missing)
Windows\System32\msxml3a.dll     (in some cases)
Windows\System32\msxmlx.cat     (in some cases)
Windows\System32\msxmlx.inf     (in some cases)

/Library/Application Support/Extensis/Portfolio/...
/Library/Contextual Menu Items/PortfolioCM.plugin/...

What's new in Portfolio 8.1.1

InDesign CS2 filter

Portfolio 8.1.1 can now preview Adobe InDesign CS2 documents that contain embedded preview images. To enable this feature, in the InDesign Preferences dialog box, in the File Handling area, enable the "Always Save Preview Images with Documents" option and choose a preview size.  When InDesign files are added to a Portfolio catalog, the first page of your document will be used for the document's thumbnail and preview image.

What's new in Portfolio 8.1

Universal application

This release of Portfolio is a universal application able to run on both PowerPC and Intel based systems.

What's new in Portfolio 8.0
Many user-requested enhancements have been included in Portfolio. The following categories describe the most important of these.

Custom Sorting

Portfolio now allows you to drag and drop files into any desired order within galleries, smart galleries, and disk folders. Custom sort orders are automatically stored for each user in a workgroup environment, allowing you to view files in the order that matters the most to you. If a custom sort would benefit all users of a shared catalog, that sort order can be promoted to the catalog level so all users can take advantage of the same ordering.

Scratchpad Galleries

Scratchpad galleries are temporary baskets that allows you to sort, edit and merge collections of files from multiple galleries or searches into a single gallery. These galleries are handy for collecting items to be printed or otherwise shared with others.

Public and Private Galleries

You can now create private galleries that only you can view. You can also selectively make your galleries public, and if you choose you can allow other users to view and/or modify your public galleries. You can also lock a gallery to prevent any future changes.

Fast Cataloging

Portfolio 8 has been improved so that files are quickly added to your catalog, allowing you to start working with them right away. After the initial pass to add new items to the catalog, Portfolio goes back and performs a thorough examination of the files in the background while you work. With Fast Cataloging you can start sorting, deleting and changing metadata as soon as items appear in Portfolio.

Custom XMP and CS File Info Panels

Support for XMP metadata has been enhanced so that a broader range of file types are included. The ability to read information stored in custom namespaces has also been added. This includes support for the new XMP based IPTC Core metadata used by Adobe CS2 applications, as well as any custom file info panels. Sample catalogs and custom XMP panels for the Adobe Creative Suite applications are automatically installed with Portfolio 8.

FolderSync Improvements

When adding a new watch folder to a catalog, you can now define the frequency at which the folder is scanned, as well as attach a cataloging options preset to each new folder. FolderSync has also been refined so that ignored or excluded items do not automatically change the folder status.

Improved File Format Support

Portfolio 8 adds the following file format support:

  • Thumbnail, preview, index text and read metadata from Microsoft Word and Excel files on Windows.

  • Create full-screen previews from Adobe DNG raw files.

  • Directly catalog Raw files from several new professional digital cameras.

  • Create thumbnails and full-screen previews of QuarkXpress documents on Macintosh.

  • Support several new professional video formats including .DV and .3GPP2.

Quicktime Movie Metadata

Portfolio 8 can extract common metadata such as frame rate, duration, audio tracks, and more from movie files supported by Quicktime.

Improved Help

Portfolio now includes a searchable HTML based help system, video tutorials as well as sample catalogs. This will help you quickly get up to speed with Portfolio 8, and make it faster and easier to customize Portfolio to your needs.

Improved use of Preview Images

Portfolio can now use screen preview images to create CDs, DVDs, websites and email. This makes the process of sharing files, even those that are offline, much faster.

Enhanced Item Properties

The item properties dialog has been updated to be smaller and easier to use. The most common information has been consolidated to the first tab, and the fields tab can also be filtered to only display metadata of a particular type, like EXIF or IPTC.  This makes the properties dialog a one-stop location to find and edit any file metadata.

Digital Photo Auto-Rotation

When an image is cataloged, Portfolio automatically rotates the thumbnails and preview images from digital cameras that record camera orientation.

Ratings, Labels and Workflow Tracking

The default Portfolio catalog now has built-in fields for ratings and labels. To assist in a smooth workflow, smart galleries can quickly and easily be created to help track files through any workflow.

Fixed issues
The following reported problems have been fixed for this release of Portfolio. The list is intended to cite the most serious fixes known. It is not an exhaustive list of all fixed problems.

Fixed in Portfolio 8.1.1

ID Description
When running Portfolio in Mac OS X v10.4.7, images with certain color modes no longer have a yellow cast to the thumbnail and preview images. 
27616 Copying or moving files while cataloging files no longer causes Portfolio to close unexpectedly.
27629 After upgrading from Portfolio v8.0 to v8.1, the list of recently used catalogs is now populated as expected.
27642 Addressed stability issues with Smart Galleries.
27661 Archive catalogs created from SQL databases now have thumbnail images that match the original items in thes catalog. 
27723 Removing all metadata mappings from a catalog no longer causes AutoSync folders to sync improperly.
28058 Fixed a search issue in the Windows version of Portfolio Express Palette. 
28082 An issue that caused Portfolio Browser to not launch properly on machines that did not contain the full version of Portfolio was corrected. 
28189 Portfolio is now able to convert  TIF files that have been saved with LZW compression.

Fixed in Portfolio 8.1

ID Description
13466 When adding a FolderSync folder to Portfolio on a Macintosh system and that folder contains a package, the contents of the package are no longer displayed as subfolders.
13664 When cataloging files on a Macintosh and attempting to copy files to an unmounted volume, Portfolio no longer closes unexpectedly.
16504 When renaming an item from a gallery that has a custom sort order with the Original>Rename command, Portfolio now displays the correct default file name.
16506 When editing properties for an item in a gallery that has a custom sort order, the properties displayed in the gallery now update immediately.
16572 On Macintosh, in the Change Path dialog box, enabling the Search Subdirectories option now functions as expected. 
20172 In the Keywords tab of the Item Properties dialog box, horizontal scroll bars were added to the Keywords & Master Keywords lists to accomodate longer names.
20861 On a Macintosh, when switching between Thumbnail, List and Item views, your scroll position as well as item selection are now retained.
21322 On a Macintosh, Portfolio can now collect items to a volume mounted via SMB, and retain matching folder hierarchy.
22427 PDFs included in slideshows no longer cause Portfolio to close unexpectedly.
23382 In Windows, dragging and dropping an image from Portfolio into InDesign CS2 now creates a link to the original file rather than embedding the file.
Portfolio now generates usable thumbnails and previews from high resolution, yet small files, such as film scans. 
25404 The client/server version of Portfolio Express now appropriately retains serialization.
25871 Portfolio can now index text in Excel documents.
26083 When copying a large number items from one gallery to another, Portfolio no longer closes unexpectedly.
26107 The next to last item in a gallery is no longer moved to first position when last item is deleted.
26436 Original CMYK JPEG images now display properly.
26656 Batch conversion of TIFF files now functions as expected.
26789 Added support for MPEG4 files.
26838 FolderSync folder names can now contain high ASCII characters.
27078 On a Macintosh, a slideshow can now be created from a group of items selected in a gallery.

Fixed in Portfolio 8.0

ID Description
15842 If you select an item, switch to a different gallery, and then choose the menu item Edit > Copy, the Portfolio Client no longer unexpectedly closes.
15957 While runing the Japanese Portfolio Client, attempting to burn a CD when a disk burner is not installed no longer causes the client to unexpectedly close.
16076 Using an AppleScript to open either a level-based or user-based catalog that is password protected no longer causes the Portfolio Client to unexpectedly close.
16742 If you try to recover a catalog that has been previously recovered with Portfolio 7.0.4, the recovered catalog is no longer destroyed. This situation arose only if the catalog had one or more deleted records in its tables.
16896 Removing a root folder from a client while another client has a subfolder of that root selected no longer causes the client with the selected subfolder to unexpectedly close.
23562 If you delete a gallery that is open on another Windows client, that client no longer unexpectedly closes.
23874 If you have the Microsoft Hotfix 884883 installed, syncing a disk folder will no longer cause the Portfolio Client to unexpectedly close.
24015 If you delete a custom field that was specified in the gallery settings and then close the catalog, the Portfolio Client will no longer close unexpectedly whenever you try to reopen the catalog.
3460 XMP metada in PDF files such as Author, Title, Description, and other keywords are now extracted.
7475 Custom sorts in galleries that originated from a Portfolio 6 catalog now retained when you choose another gallery.
13656 If you choose the option, "Do not catalog items that cannot be thumbnailed", the Portfolio Client now only catalogs the items that can be thumbnailed.
14987 Keyword phrases are now parsed into distinct keywords if you chose the option to parse them.
16128 The Editor user can no longer rename, move, or delete files from disk by using the buttons in the slideshow toolbar.
16602 Burning a DVD will now work as expected, even when the total size to be written is between 395 and 2040 Megabytes.
20403 Files are now excluded if you choose the Advanced Cataloging option criteria, "ends with."
20477 On Windows, dragging a thumbnail from Portfolio to the desktop or an Explorer folder window now copies the file rather than moving it.
12526 If a Portfolio catalog is opened in the Portfolio Express Palette, even if it is minimized, you can now enter the Administrator Access Level.
16901 On Windows, rotating a JPEG original is now much faster and comparable to Portfolio running on a Macintosh.
22017 An AFP mounted share can now be added as an AutoSync folder with Apple Panther and Tiger mixed operating systems.
13388 Sorting in the List View with disk folders now works when you click on the column header.
15741 If you have an AutoSync folder that contains filenames with High ASCII characters, the folder will now be in-sync when files are added to it.
16655 JPEG thumbnails are now extracted if they are embedded within the EXIF sections of the JPEG files.
21973 Keyword searches now work as expected if you are performing a find that contains a diacritical mark.
12952 When the Original is being viewed in the Preview window, the Portfolio Client now continues to operate as expected when you are switching between PowerPoint items.
15310 Pressing Alt-F4 twice no longer causes Portfolio to close unexpectedly.
23247 If you click on "Switch to Original" in the "Screen Preview of" dialog when you are previewing a file created with QuarkXPress 6.0, Portfolio will unexpectedly close.
25978 Converting a catalog that contains galleries from 7 -> 8 when you go to publish the catalog you are unable to select any of the galleries.
26789 missing support for .mp4 files.
26836 Portfolio  throws "Cannot Access Folder" error adding root AutoSync folder named with Upp. ASCII chars.
26838 Subfolders hidden for root watch folder named using Upper ASCII characters.
26851 Autosynced items show the created/modified time 8 hours off.

Known issues
The following issues are known, but have not yet been addressed in this version of Portfolio. The list is intended to cite the most serious problems known. It is not an exhaustive list of all known problems.

ID Description
A Removed support for Adobe Illustrator 8 and older .AI files on Mac. Illustration 8 files will show thumbnails but will not preview, while Illustrator 7 & older files are no longer readable by Portfolio.
B The following Kodak Raw file types are no longer supported under Intel-based systems:  720x, 760c, 760m, ProBack, ProBack Plus, 645c, 645h, 645m. These cameras are still supported form PowerPC-based systems. 
24989 Cataloging large files that have long filenames may not be successful. These files will appear in the All Items gallery and a red dot will appear on the thumbnails. To catolog these files, significantly reduce the length of the filename.
22764 If you move a Disk Folder and then try to view its subfolder's subfolder, Portfolio will unexpectedly close.
22879 If you delete a gallery while cataloging is in progress, Portfolio may unexpectedly close. To complete the cataloging process, choose to either regenerate or update the catalog.
23543 On a Windows XP system, if you try to open a second instance of Portfolio while logged on as a different user, this second instance of Portfolio may unexpectedly close while being launched. This problem occurs only if both instances are trying to access the same locally served Portfolio catalog which references a local Disk Folder.
20307 Smart Galleries will be empty when they are collected if they were created from disk folders. This behavior is correct although potentially confusing to new users.
20560 On the Macintosh, Portfolio is unable to extract XMP metadata from EPS files.
20721 FolderSync will continuously attempt to add items to the catalog that cannot be thumbnailed if the options, "Continuously Watch" and "When to Sync" are set to "When changes are found" and the advanced cataloging option, "Ignore files without thumbnails" is chosen.
22782 In the Metadata Properties Settings dialog, you cannot choose the Description item from the Catalog Field Pane popup menu.
23313 EPS files that are CMYK images are almost always recognized by Portfolio as RGB images.
24759 If a Reader or Editor level user attemps to delete a Scratchpad Gallery, a dialog will erroneously appear that asks if they want to delete the gallery. If they choose to delete it, a message will appear that notifies the user that the gallery has been deleted, yet the gallery is not deleted. Only Publishers and Administrators may delete Scratchpad Galleries.
20553 If you delete an item from within a Slide Show that resides in a local FolderSync folder. Portfolio does not show the folder as out of sync in the Disk Folder pane.
21202 If a FolderSync folder was hidden during the time that you set it to sync, the folder will remain out of sync. To get the folder back in sync, click the Sync button.
22444 On Windows, cataloging items can be slower than expected if the destination gallery is in view. Cataloging will be over twice as fast if you first switch the view to Last Cataloged and then catalog new items.
24442 A Macintosh Portfolio client will not recognize a Saved Gallery's custom sort settings that were created by a Windows client, but only if it is the first Saved Gallery that was created by a Windows client.
24459 The custom sort for an AutoSync Disk Folder are not retained if you use the Folders pane to either move or copy the folder into another folder or subfolder that are located on the same disk drive.
24675 When you copy a Saved Gallery on the Macintosh, the gallery will retain all of the access settings of the original gallery.
25005 Once a custom sort is applied to an AutoSync folder, you cannot apply another custom sort to it. When you reopen the catalog, the original custom sort is applied to the AutoSync folder.
24911 If a gallery already has a custom sort order, you cannot replace that sort order with another custom one.
24976 Some preexisting field settings are changed after you change the name of a Custom Field. In this case, the QuickFind preference, Gallery Sort setting, and Slideshow Display Field setting become unchecked, the Gallery Sort setting reverts to Unsorted, and the Cataloging Fields metadata option loses its field assignment.
24055 If you want to preview MPEG-2 files within Portfolio, you must purchase and install the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component.

Contacting Extensis
To reach us for technical support or general questions please use the following method:
Web/email:  http://www.extensis.com/support/

If you have an annual service agreement, you are entitled to priority support. Please use the contact information on your service agreement.

For customer service please use one of the following methods:
Web/email: http://www.extensis.com/customerservice/

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