Raw Filter 3.0 for Extensis Portfolio 8.0
Release Notes
March 2006

This release of the Raw Filter for Extensis Portfolio 8 adds support for a number of proprietary Raw formats from professional digital cameras. This filter allows you to catalog Raw files, extract or generate thumbnails and previews, extract metadata and directly convert Raw files to low-resolution JPG or TIFF images.

Raw Filter 3.0

Installation notes
System Requirements
  • The Portfolio Raw filter requires that you have Portfolio 8.0 or higher currently installed.
The Raw filter may use quite a bit of Ram depending on the size of the Raw files you are cataloging.


The Raw 3.0 filter includes an installer for both Mac and Windows, which update the Raw Filter 3.0 for Portfolio 8 Single-User, Portfolio 8 Client and Portfolio 8 Server.

To run the installer, double-click on the installer and follow the instructions. The following components and directories are installed or updated:

<Macintosh HD>:Library:Application Support:Extensis:Portfolio:libiraw.dylib
<Macintosh HD>:Applications:Extensis Portfolio 8:Filters:Raw Image Filter.bundle
<Macintosh HD>:Applications:Extensis Portfolio 8:Filters:Raw Image Support Files:
<Macintosh HD>:Applications:Extensis Portfolio Server8:Filters:Raw Image Filter.bundle
<Macintosh HD>:Applications:Extensis Portfolio Server8:Filters:Raw Image Support Files:

\Program Files\Extensis\Portfolio 8\Filters\Raw Image Filter.ppi
\Program Files\Extensis\Portfolio 8\Filters\Raw Image Support Files\
\Program Files\Extensis\Portfolio Server 8\Filters\Raw Image Filter.ppi
\Program Files\Extensis\Portfolio Server 8\Filters\Raw Image Support Files\

Previous Versions  

The Raw Filter 3.0 is only supported for use with Portfolio 8.0 and higher.

What's new
Portfolio 8 can extract thumbnails and metadata as well as generate previews up to 50% of the size of the Raw file. Portfolio 8 can also batch convert Raw files to tif and jpg at 50% of the size of the Raw file.

Note:  Portfolio 8 does not currently support metadata from .XMP sidecar files. Extensis recommends the use of Adobe DNG for proper custom metadata exchange.

The Raw Filter 3.0 supports the following Raw file types:

Canon EOS D30 Nikon D1
EOS D60 D1x
EOS 10D D1h
EOS 20 D D100
EOS 1D D70
EOS 1Ds D2h
EOS 5D D70s
EOS Digital Rebel D200
EOS Digital Rebel XT Coolpix 8400
Powershot G1 Coolpix 8700
Powershot G2 Coolpix 8800
Powershot G3
Powershot G5 Fujifilm S2 Pro
Powershot G6 S7000Z
Powershot S30
Powershot S40 Olympus E10
Powershot S45 E20
Powershot S50 E1
Powershot S70 C5050
Powershot Pro 90is C5060
Powershot Pro 1 C8080
Konica-Minolta Dimage A1 E500
Dimage A2 SP310
Maxxum 7D SP350
Maxxum 5D SP500 UZ
Maxxum A200
Kodak DCS 14n
Pentax *ist D DCS 14nx
*ist DS DCS 760C
*ist DL DCS 760M
*ist DS2 DCS 720X
Pro Back
Sony DSC-R1 Pro Back Plus
Pro Back 645
Leaf Valeo 11 DCS SLR/n (full res)
Valeo 17 DCS SLR/c (full res)
Valeo 22
Aptus 17 Epson R-D1
Aptus 22
Aptus 65 Adobe Adobe DNG *
Aptus 75
Hasselblad Imacon FFF (Mac only) **

* Portfolio extracts metadata and a 1024x768 jpg preview from Adobe DNG files. Portfolio does not currently support the batch conversion of DNG files.

** Portfolio extracts metadata and a 680x680 tif preview from Hasselblad/Imacon FFF files. Portfolio does not currently support the batch conversion of FFF files. FFF files are only supported on Mac OS X.

Fixed issues
The following issues were corrected in this release of the Raw Filter.

ID Description
21381 Light Source is now being extracted as a text field rather than just a numerical value. 
24450 On Mac OS X,  .NEF files embedded with Caption field information from Nikon Capture now extract information correctly to Portfolio.

Known issues
The following issues are known, but have not yet been addressed in this version. The list is intended to cite the most serious problems known. It is not an exhaustive list of all known problems.

ID Description
24512 EXIF metadata may also be extracted into default Microsoft Office fields in Portfolio catalogs. 

12867 For Fuji S2 raw files, EXIF Flash field always extracted as "No Flash." 
14627 On Mac OS X, the current system date is used when extracting the "IPTC - Date Created" metadata value to a date and time custom field.  
14632 On Windows, a blank field is inserted when extracting the "IPTC - Date Created" metadata value to a date and time custom field. 
Portfolio does not currently support the batch conversion of .MOS, .ERF, .SR2, .FFF or .DNG Raw files.

Contacting Extensis
To reach us for technical support or general questions please use the following method:
Web/email:  http://www.extensis.com/support/

If you have an annual service agreement, you are entitled to priority support. Please use the contact information on your service agreement.

For customer service please use one of the following methods:
Web/email: http://www.extensis.com/customerservice/

  2006 Extensis, a division of Celartem, Inc. This document and the software described in it are copyrighted with all rights reserved.