Who makes Portfolio and what does it do?

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Portfolio is made by Extensis Products Group. Portfolio is a wholly own subsidiary of Celartem Technology.

Portfolio is an easy-to-use and efficient cataloguing tool that allows you to organise all your creative work into on-line libraries that can be browsed. Whether your creative content is created on Macintosh or Windows, shared over a network, or accessed from remote locations using TCP/IP or over the web—Portfolio changes the way you view, organise, manage, select, share and use digital content.

Portfolio allows you to build visual catalogues from digital media including images, sounds, movies, and documents automatically, with detailed reference information and thumbnail images. You can catalogue any media regardless of application, then effortlessly retrieve them by visually searching or by searching using keywords or other criteria. You can view your media files as thumbnails, as a list, or as individual records, and customise the views to suit your needs.

The database records link to the original files and you can thus manage your originals as well, working through the Portfolio interface. Additionally you can configure the editing application for original file types enabling you to find files and then open them for editing without having to remember file names and locations.

Portfolio also lets you stay in sync with other users by sharing your catalogues over networks and across platforms. You can import databases of information into your catalogue, and even export catalogues or specified items as Web pages. Web accessibility is extended by the PortWeb plug-in. Large scale users can benefit from a module allowing SQL databases to be used to house data, increasing the size of Catalogues that can be supported.

(Description based on the description in Portfolio's online Help)

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Last Update:- 21 January 2008

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