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In July 2004 the FAQ added web-based user-to-user forums using the popular PHPBB forum software. You can visit and read message anonymously but to post messages you will need to register; the minimum information required is an email address, plus a username/password of your choice. The email addresses are stored as part of the forum software. As I don't know where, I think that's the best assurance you have that I won't be using your information for other purposes!

The forum is run by Portfolio users for Portfolio users. As in any U-to-U you are not talking to the vendor so please don't use the forums to sound off. If you want to get angry, write to Extensis direct. Instead this is a forum for you to find help and share your problems - and for the more experienced user hopefully to help the Portfolio community by sharing their knowledge.

The forum moderators reserve the right to remove any posts they consider obscene, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate posts without reference to the original author. Posts/threads in inappropriate forums may be moved to increase chances of being answered.

As those giving help are giving you their time and expertise for free please respect this fact and accept that it may be no one may have an answer for your problem. If you don't get a reply - you're not being the cold shoulder; do review your original request to check if it is unclear or too broad in scope.

Please don't advertise services in your post. If you want to reach out to Portfolio users - perhaps as a PortWeb or NetPublish host - please contact me via the FAQ and I'll point users to information pages in the main FAQ. The forums are not want or sell ads!

BY all means propose enhancements in front of your fellow users but please understand that unless you also submit them to Extensis they may not be seen. The

If you want to take an active part in the forums as a moderator or to improve the forum operations etc., please contact me directly via any of the FAQ forms in the links at the bottom of the page.

I hope this service helps you and as your knowledge grows you will return the favour by helping others.

The forums have since been eclipsed by the return of user-to-user forums at Extensis. The FAQ's forums will remain active for the while, mainly to provide content to existing information.

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Last Update:- 21 January 2008

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