'PortWeb could not find the specified catalog'.

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Manual: v5 - Pages 244-250 (PortWeb administration interface), v6 - PortWeb manual Pages 5-8/15-18

Scenario: you click on the "Find" button on your PortWeb search page and you get the message "PortWeb could not find the specified catalog."

This means that the search request you are creating is specifying a Portfolio Catalogue 'alias' that does not exist. The search parameters your HTML form is sending include the following from HTML tag of your default template page:

The important point here is the catalog value: "mycat". This is an alias name for the actual name and location of your Portfolio Catalogue. The alias is created in the PortWeb administration window:
http://localhost/scripts/portweb.dll?adminshow (replace localhost with the server name)

Don't forget to check you have all the appropriate permissions set on your server. One cause of this problem is PortWeb being unable to 'see' the Catalogue because permissions are incorrectly configured.

If you've been able to access the Catalogue at least once before we can assume the basic setup is OK (unless someone has been making changes to the server). There are now a few other things you can try:
First question is has PortWeb ever successfully searched this catalogue?
If the answer is yes, continue.

- Try unchecking the enabled box, click submit, then check the enabled box again and click submit. If this doesn't work, click reset
- Check to make sure no one has the catalogue opened in exclusive mode (e.g. as administrator) then try again.
- If it still doesn't work, reboot the web server. For no good reason, MS Internet Information Server (IIS) sometimes decides to roll over and play dead. A re-start almost always corrects the problem.

Question: 'PortWeb could not find the specified catalog'. [FAQ00071.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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