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This means that PortWeb is finding your catalogue but that nothing matches the search criteria you have posted to it in your query. If you were expecting some results (based on knowing the Catalogue's contents) try the following:

(replace localhost with your server name, and mycat with the alias of your own Catalogue)

This should return all the items in your Catalogue. If it works then you need to investigate why your PortWeb search can't find anything in your Catalogue. Try re-creating your HTML form's search criteria in the Portfolio client software's "Find" dialog box and see what results when searching via the client software. If using the client gives a result, but PortWeb searches don't, the most likely culprit is the HTML in your templates (or static HTML pages calling PortWeb pages).

Complex HTML page formatting (frames, tables, etc.) can hide small but fatal errors. Try rebuilding your <FORM> code on a new page/template without any HTML formatting to prove the data aspect is correct before adding the visual formatting. Keep testing as you build the formatting to detect if/when the code breaks. Another approach to complex source code is to export the page/template to your normal HTML editor and tidy up, indenting etc., to look for code errors, unclosed elements and the like. You can then re-import or alternatively use the copy in the editor as a basis for correcting the template in situ via the client's 'Edit HTML' dialog.

Be aware that HTML template import/export is allowed in Publisher mode as well as Administrator. This makes Publisher the best mode to test your PortWeb-served Catalogue when it is live. As soon as you save a template from the client's 'Edit HTML' dialog it is will be available for use via PortWeb. This way you can tweak output from a 'live' PortWeb site.

A different aspect that can confuse matters is if the PortWeb-served Catalogue is also served by Portfolio Server (and SQLConnect). Don't forget that when you serve (or re-serve) a Catalogue via Portfolio Server your client opens the Catalogue in Administration mode - meaning only you have access to the Catalogue at this point. This is actually useful if the Catalogue is at a remote location as otherwise you'd need to make remote file sharing access which might need changes to the server computer's permissions. You must close and re-open the served Catalogue, at which point other users can access it via Server or PortWeb and your client can re-access the Catalogue but only at Publisher level or lower.

If using Portfolio Server, be aware of different treatment of Catalogues placed in the \Catalogs\ folder and those referenced via shortcuts/aliases (Win/Mac).

Lastly, there might genuinely be no matching records! Don't skip the test suggested at the top, using direct access via the client because you 'know' what the results should be. It could save you a lot of time chasing a non-existent error.

Question: 'There were no records matching your query' [FAQ00170.htm]
Last Update:- 01 June 2006

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