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v5 - Pages 185-189 (Export to HTML), pages 259-260 (PortWeb), pages 277-289 (Templates & Macros)
v6 - Pages 104-108 (Exporting web pages), pages 111-112 (HTML page macros)
v6 - PortWeb manual

Notice there are 3 tabs above the centre textbox, 'Header', 'Item' and 'Footer'. These tab titles are slightly misleading for the novice as the 'Item' section only contains the information and HTML about a single generic item. The 'Header' section contains not only the true header info but the start of the table that holds the cells of 'Item' data. Likewise the 'Footer' section contains the bottom of the main 'Item' table.

You are looking at a single HTML page, of which the 'Item' is a repeating section. The 'Table Grid:' boxes at the top of the dialog allow you - if using a Thumbnail view type layout - to set the number of rows and columns of 'Items' per page.

If you wish to export your template - as opposed to finished HTML pages with record data - then use the 'Export...' button. Once exported, your template can be edited in a specialist HTML editor or a simple program such as Notepad. Exported or edited templates can also be Imported into any Catalogue, using the 'Import...' button.

Note: the internal name you give your template is not saved in the template when exported as a separate file. Likewise, on importing there is no information placed in the 'Name:' field. As a result it is very easy to overwrite existing templates by inadvertently saving an imported template using the name of the template first used to open the 'Edit HTML' dialog. When importing a template or creating from an existing one you are advised to set the 'Name:' field as soon as possible, lest you forget. On saving a template be aware that you receive no warning if you are about to overwrite existing data.

Question: Editing your HTML templates [FAQ00137.htm]
Last Update:- 01 June 2006

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