Does Portfolio Server need a static IP?

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[This info is illustrated with v5 dialogs but holds good for v6/v7]

Strictly speaking, no.

A static IP is preferable but it isn't mandatory. In some configurations or in a small peer-to-peer network, it might be that Server is installed on a workstation that normally uses a dynamically generated IP, issued on boot-up. The problem with this is that the IP my change after any re-boot of the workstation.

If this situation occurs, clients trying to access served Catalogues at the old IP will just timeout if they can't find the server - though there is no message explaining this has happened. If the DNS resolution works properly then client users can just enter the name of the system in the IP address box and if the name resolution works then the client will find the server even if its IP address has changed.

To demonstrate both methods this consider the setup below:

Both the servers shown are actually the same. In the top case the IP of server "Port501Demo" is fixed, at and this is what is entered in the "IP Address" box*:

(*Actually, the IP above was dynamically assigned but I'm working as if it were truly assigned the fixed IP - no time to start fiddling around with the network, but you get the idea.)

The computer hosting the Server is actually a laptop, named "LAP2K" on the network. Lets assume we re-booted the laptop and unknown to use the IP was different from that above. Trying to access "Port501Demo" will give no result - or warning of this failure. However, if we set up this server...

... it works (assuming name resolution is functioning correctly). Note that in this second method, you just enter the 'host' computer's name exactly as it appears on the network and leave the IP box blank (Portfolio adds the name to the IP box if you pop the Edit dialog).

So, you can use either static or dynamic IP, but using name resolution is a less robust method - especially if the end-users of the clients are not network savvy. Static IP is definitely preferable if possible (it should be in most cases). Still - you've two options. In large organisations with an IT department using server name may well be the preferred option - there' no right or wrong choice here, just whatever you prefer and which works.

For Servers installed on laptops that may spent time on an off the LAN using the LAN name of the computer should work in both configurations. If using a fixed IP on the network but not off it - or if for whatever reason the IP might differ - consider using 'localhost' or '' as the IP setting.

For servers installed on computers hosting multiple IPs, be aware that Portfolio listens to *all* IPs, listening to - but not broadcasting its presence on - port 2903 for each IP. T see how to change the port used see here.

Question: Does Portfolio Server need a static IP? [FAQ00147.htm]
Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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