Configuring an OS X client-server set-up

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Manual: v8 (pp3-8)

In the following article the abbreviation PS is used for Portfolio Server. The article was written for the FAQ by Shoantel Ltd for v8.1.1+ Portfolio components and server/client OS 10.4.8 but should hold true for OS 10.3.9+ and v7.0.4+ though v7 users will need to read the notes re SMB. Portfolio/SQL Connect is not addressed here but the basic steps are the same, up to the point of accessing the SQL-specific functions.

Install Portfolio client locally on all 15 clients

  1. If you're your PS server is running desktop OS, to make shares take a look at SharePoints from (free/donationware).
  2. AFP vs. SMB. Apple's AppleTalk (AFP) has a significant missing feature insofar as a Mac OS X server (or desktop) can't view it's own shares except as local paths - i.e. with not computer name in the path, thus '/sharename/' and not '//servername/sharename/'. SMB mounts can resolve this problem, but care should be taken to mount them in the form '//servername/sharename/' to ensure consistent paths for all users. Need for SMB mounts affects the following Portfolio client/server actions. Although IP, protocol or share-based names will resolve as the same for accessing paths, Portfolio stores then verbatim and this will cause AutoSync not to match items already catalogued via a different path, resulting in duplicates. Think carefully about your shares names/mounts at outset and you should avoid in-use problems over path mis-matches.
  3. If you used a very locked-down system, set the OS to allow PS to listen on Port #2903 (this action isn't normally necessary - it's already allowed). PS listens on that Port for calls from clients and all communication is TCP/IP - no new protocols needed.
  4. Note that catalogues created this way don't open in admin mode - so you'll need to switch to Administrator access if you need to access the custom fields dialog, etc. Be aware that if you do the latter, served catalogues in Admin mode as not listed in the client's Connect to Server dialog’s listing of available catalogue. They become visible again on reverting to Publisher or lower access level. This can catch you out until you're familiar with the issue.
  5. Unlike the client, there is not user-accessible default settings plists for catalogue's created via the Server Admin 'New' button - your get the default and must edit from there. For complex configurations consider creating the catalogue via a client and placing the finished catalogue in the PS /Catalogs/ folder and then serving it.

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