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This dialog is called from the Catalog menu. It includes 2 sections, a Properties top section and a collapsible bottom section (compare the first and second images below).

Look first at the 'Move and Rename Options' section in the screenshot below. The controls, if selected allow:

Portfolio allows you to add further information to a Record - as it is catalogued - in addition to the information in the original file. If information inserted from this dialog and there is information for the same target Fields obtained from the original file, the decision of whether to merge or overwrite the original file data is determined by the setting in the Properties tab of the Advanced Cataloging Options dialog.

Use the Description text box to insert up to 32,000 characters of text which will be inserted into the 'Description' Field of the Record.

Keywords can be added in 2 ways. If there are entries in the Master Keywords List pane (blank in this example) then highlight a desired entry and click the 'Assign' button. Repeat as required to add multiple keywords. Alternatively, use the Item Keywords box to enter new keywords and click the 'Add' button to add to the list of keywords to be added. The list of keywords to be added during cataloguing is show in the bottom left pane. To remove an unwanted item, highlight the entry and click the 'Remove' button.

To add data to a Custom Field, select it and click the 'Edit' button. A Field value can then be set. If the Field is set to use a pre-defined list, a drop-down list will be shown in the Edit dialog.

The 'Advanced' button opens the Advanced Cataloging Options dialog.

The 'Clear All' button will clear all inputs from the Cataloging Option dialog.

The 'Don't show when cataloging' tickbox (blank by default) causes this dialog not to be shown when adding files to a Catalogue. Although the dialog is not shown, any information set in the Cataloging Options is applied to the new Records.

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Last Update:- 31 May 2006

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