NetPublish Administration dialogs (v7)

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NetPublish Administration Dialog

This dialog is opened from the client's File menu, under 'Administer NetPublish...'.

The Add Server/Edit Server dialog. In the example below a non-default port is being used:

Administer [servername] Dialog (Manage Sites)

The dialog caption shows the name (as in the admin panel list) and IP address of the site being administered. This dialog has 2 tabs and defaults to showing the 'Manage Sites' tab.

Edit Site Dialog (Details)

The default panel/tab is 'Details' which displays data stored in the file in the site's root folder

Edit Site Dialog (Aliases)

This shows the alias(es) listed for the site. The default (for NPA derived sites) is a single alias 'catalog'

Note the Windows OS dialog has an 'Apply' button as well as the usual 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons.

Edit Alias Dialog

This allows you to edit the data in your site's file stored in the site's root folder. Note the name of individual aliases can't be altered without editing the file itself. Note the alias name(s) are usually embedded in template code, so changing the name means re-editing the templates.

Add Catalog Dialog

Some of these features may only be available with a full NP Server licence (i.e. supporting Portfolio-served catalogues)

Administer [servername] Dialog (Server Settings)

This tab allows control over various configuration settings stored in the file in the NP /app/ folder.

View Log File Dialog

This gives you remote access to the log file data (i.e. without direct OS access to the NP /app/ folder). The data can be saved out to a local file if required.

Serialize NP Dialog

Enter or upgrade your NP serial code.

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