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As of v8.0, the handling of galleries has changed. All galleries, once created, are saved and displayed in the new gallery pane. In Windows this shares the side of the main application window with the Folder Sync pane. On the Mac, the galleries are listed in a pane that can be opened or closed from the left side of a gallery window (note - only the first-opened gallery window of a session.


At the top of the pane are 4 buttons that:

Below the buttons are listed the galleries. The first three are built-in and part of any catalogue:

There then follow 2 lists of user-created galleries, each in alphabetical order (a bit counter-intuitive at first)

Right-clicking on a gallery brings up this menu:

The Gallery Window

This shows the standard set of controls. Customise the toolbar to alter/increase the buttons shown. The two drop-down lists give access to all saved views and all fields allowed for sorting.
Depending where you right click in a gallery window, you will receive one of these context menus (menu items are described under their normal menu entries)

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Last Update:- 18 September 2007

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